How to Start a Fire

This New Moon in Aries is the time to warm yourself in the furnace of the POWER Moon. The art and practice of igniting the inner flame invites those around you to step into the fire. This consuming potent force is the difference between living and existing. You are the only one like you in this world and she implores you to emanate your radiance! You are the one she has been waiting for!


Place a cup of organic dried Devil’s Club root in a pot with half a gallon of water and bring it to a roaring boil. Let the tea cool for a few minutes, then pour it into a half gallon ball jar to steep with the roots overnight. Draw the Sowilo Rune on a piece of paper (glyph pictured below) and place it on top of the jar to imbue the infusion with the energetic frequencies of power and might. After 8 hours, strain out the roots, refrigerate, and enjoy for the next few days!


Cole Lopez was born and raised in New Orleans where she began her craft. As founder of House of Magick NY, she finds inspiration in connecting people with their own innate healing. She revers the power of plant medicine in tandem with the divinatory arts to touch the depths of the highest evolution of the soul. She apprenticed with Robin Rose Bennett for many years to learn the Wise Woman Tradition. In addition, she is a trained Kundalini instructor, Reiki Master, and Esoteric Healer. Cole works closely with the Tarot and the constant rotation of the cosmos to commune with the archetypes that breathe life into us.