The Moon Cycle in Cancer is the time to swim within and be led by your intuition. It’s a chance to connect with your innate sensitivity and internal guidance. The womb holds life and divine intelligence. She speaks softly and leads us back to ourselves. She speaks to our inner knowing. The more we listen, the louder her voice becomes.


-Womb Massage-

Warm some coconut oil and coat your hands. Find your way to your back and come to a lying down position. Begin to explore the womb area and follow what feels right. Push the breath down into the low belly and begin long, deep breathing. Keep massaging the area and connecting with the second chakra. Feel free to ask a question and listen for an answer in this highly receptive state.


Cole Lopez was born and raised in New Orleans where she began her craft. As founder of House of Magick NY, she finds inspiration in connecting people with their own innate healing. She revers the power of plant medicine in tandem with the divinatory arts to touch the depths of the highest evolution of the soul. She apprenticed with Robin Rose Bennett for many years to learn the Wise Woman Tradition. In addition, she is a trained Kundalini instructor, Reiki Master, and Esoteric Healer. Cole works closely with the Tarot and the constant rotation of the cosmos to commune with the archetypes that breathe life into us.