This Moon Cycle initiated by the New Moon in Virgo is the perfect time to honor your flesh and embrace your body. This beautiful home is your faithful servant, loyal devotee, and oldest ally. This sacred vessel holds the divine and shelters the soul. Let’s kneel at our own altar and express our gratitude.

-Body Oil-
Calendula Flowers + Coconut Oil


Fill an 8 ounce jar with fresh calendula flower heads or fill the jar half way if you are using dried flowers.
Next, melt the coconut oil on a low heat until it liquifies. Then, pour the coconut oil into the jar and screw on the lid. Place the jar in a dry and shaded area to infuse for 6 weeks. Lastly, reheat the mixture on low after the infusion period and strain out the flowers. Make sure to firmly squeeze the flowers to get the most into your medicine.

Slather your skin with this liquid gold from head to toe!


Cole Lopez was born and raised in New Orleans where she began her craft. As founder of House of Magick NY, she finds inspiration in connecting people with their own innate healing. She revers the power of plant medicine in tandem with the divinatory arts to touch the depths of the highest evolution of the soul. She apprenticed with Robin Rose Bennett for many years to learn the Wise Woman Tradition. In addition, she is a trained Kundalini instructor, Reiki Master, and Esoteric Healer. Cole works closely with the Tarot and the constant rotation of the cosmos to commune with the archetypes that breathe life into us.