Amanda Marsh – Berkshire County, MA

Amanda is wild child woman at heart, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, and an Innkeeper in the beautiful Berkshires. She loves to express herself through dance, drawing, painting, chanting, and toning. She has a deep love for all beings and feels the beautiful buzz of life every time she is in nature. After having surgery last December she had an opportunity to venture within and found what her inner guidance was calling. Feeling drawn to the Moon and seeking a more intimate connection to other like minded women she found her way to the WILD Woman project.
She can’t wait to connect with you, sharing her creative, gentle, loving nature mixed with love of breath work, yoga, meditation, and sound healing in her circles. Her first circle will be at Berkshire Yoga Dance & Fitness December 30th 7pm-9pm.
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Sending, light & blessings