Kristyn Avalos – Driftless Region (Galena and Mount Carroll, IL/Dubuque, IA)

I have been an avid student of astrology for the past decade.  I love incorporating celestial wisdom in a way that heals the mind and body.  I think that creating communities is the most powerful thing we can be doing at this moment in time.  Coming together and actually speaking and sharing our experiences about what these massive planetary changes mean to us personally and collectively.  How it can be our guiding force to live more fully in our purpose.

My intention around these new moon circles is that women leave feeling more courageous, passionate, connected and inspired than they felt before they arrived.  By supporting others in this co-creative space, we all transform together.

I blend my passion for astrology with my training as a Tapping into Wealth coach to guide others to find their own wisdom, truth and untapped resources to create a life that embodies their unique talents and personal life experiences.

Please reach out to me at with any questions.  To stay posted on upcoming circles, visit The Nest on Facebook.