Katherine Louise Rushton – Buxton, Derbyshire

Katherine has recently qualified to lead Wild Woman Moon Circles. Her first circle aligned with the new moon in Aries, which was truly a special and powerful time to embark on this precious journey and to be trailblazing circles in the UK. She has a deep affinity with the moon and has been teaching yoga for ten years. For the last three years, since her daughter was born, she has been cultivating ways to connect with women and honor the divine feminine. She focuses on healing , liberating and empowering women and children, particularly those in vulnerable situations. Leading Moon Circles fits perfectly with Katherine’s ethos and desire to serve and offer women a sacred space to ‘be’ and be heard. It also adds a dimension that Katherine was yearning. In co-creating sanctuary, making a difference, facilitating growth, change, friendship and community Katherine feels blessed and honored with a real sense of joy, purpose and belonging. During her circles, Katherine serves herbal tea that aligns with the theme of the month and holds space for sisters who cannot be present in person by lighting a candle and turning a goddess card for each one. She also – in the summer months – hosts full moon soirees in her garden in a yurt made by a circle sister! You can contact Katherine by email: katherine@pureblissyoga.co.uk or website:www.pureblissyoga.co.uk/wild-woman-moon-circles or via the Facebook group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/972689366074616/