Kelsey McEuen – Glendale, OR


Kelsey was born wild and free in the lush forests of Southern Oregon. The waters that raised her are from the Cow Creek watershed; a tributary of the South Umpqua River. The winds that raised her are the Chinook Winds of the Southern Siskiyou mountains. A strong believer in the power of energy and intuition, she is a positive force for change and growth, nestled in a body of loving compassion. As a member of a small community she knows the importance of being the change you wish to see in the world. She utilizes her position as a member of the business community to encourage others to join her on the path of collective engagement and skill sharing. Kelsey spends her time raising two wild boys who constantly remind her of the magic of childhood, being in nature, practicing yoga, crocheting and generally expanding the perspectives of the people she encounters. She felt the call to form a circle before finding the Wild Woman Project and is incredibly grateful for the privilege of holding sacred space for sisters to cultivate magic and heal themselves through love and support of the wild spirit in each of us.