Lisa Kawalauskas – Okotoks, Alberta – Canada

Lisa loves to hold space for people as they remember who they are. Their wildness, their power, their gifts, their magic, that they are made of love, all of it! She is a Wild Woman Moon Circle leader, a Certified Holistic Life Coach, a Reiki Master and a Shamanic Medicine Practitioner. All modalities and ways of being together that support healing, self awareness, conscious choice, life purpose and empowerment.

We all have this one beautiful life to live and Lisa believes it’s best lived from the guidance of our own inner Sage. The part of us that knows the true beat of our heart, our true essence, our medicine and our wildness! And that with our own innate knowing, the moons guidance, and our sisters love and support, we are limitless!

In ancient times women gathering together around the moon cycles and sharing these parts of themselves was a natural part of life, in our modern world there is a part of us that remembers and longs for these moments and connecting in this way. Lisa is happy to create a place for this in Okotoks, and to join the many women within the Wild Woman Project circling around the world sharing their hearts, their knowing and their magic!

Lisa has been bringing woman together for many moons and is excited to be extending this invitation once again! Please join her in circle!