Lorraine Hanlon – Dublin, Ireland

Currently based in Ireland, Lorraine is a wanderer, seeker and lifelong student. She is accomplished in a number of complementary therapies and life coaching. Lorraine is passionate about helping women on the cusp of transformation see how amazing they are and what they have and can achieve. Lorraine loves books, theatre and dancing. Tango is her favourite dance as it is full of so much contained focused passion. After many years in a holding pattern, she has decided to break out and embraced the wild women within. As the moon has always played a central role in the cycles of her life becoming a Wild Women Moon Circle leader spoke to her heart.  She is excited to be part of creating a heart centred community of women who listen, share and support each other. Together we reclaim the magic. Lorraine holds her circles in her home in South County Dublin and can be contacted on hanlon_lorraine@hotmail.com