Samantha Midler – Austin, TX

Sammy’s wild side is childlike; energetic, free, open and loving. In her circle, held in Austin, Texas, she creates a space that is healing, sacred, full of nature and calm. Ms. Midler has a good dose of variety in her circles. One month she might offer freshly baked bread and chocolate with elongated art making time. Another month it might be a water elixir with cucumber, lemon and mint leaves with more focus on meditation. Another month, it might be more musically based and upbeat and fast. A little bit about her: Samantha just moved from NYC, she is a bicyclist, yogi, runner, loves the Greenbelt, paddle boarding and rock climbing, avid reader, traveler, camper, and loves to cook. She also loves the Herb bar, Torchys, and Papalote. Feel free to become her new friend;) and visit her circle page @austintxcircle for updates on her upcoming circle on Facebook or email her.

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