Sarah (Tiggy) Houldsworth, Edinburgh, Scotland

Sarah is a professional geologist so naturally loves spending time in nature especially if rocks are involved! She is also an amateur oral story teller giving performances for children with a reindeer skin drum in a Sami style tent which is also her family’s camping tent. She is birth mother to a son and adoptive mother to a daughter, a crazy rock lady wife to a gentle wild hearted man. Sarah (or Tiggy to her friends and circle sisters) answered the call to become a Wild Woman Circle Leader during a career break during which she discovered drumming for meditation, sisterhood through circle on wild-arts crafting and shamanic journeying weekends, led by friends in remote wild parts of the UK. Circle time for Sarah is the perfect soul nourishment antidote to a very head based corporate career. For her it’s an opportunity to still the inner whirlwind, all that headspace busyness and listen to her own deep intuition. She believes that women need time out from their many roles and responsibilities to recharge and reconnect to their own inner wisdom and the cycles of nature. She brings her knowledge and love for the natural world, her interest in feminine archetypes in myth and oral traditions into the sacred space of her circles to offer women a grounded space from to explore their authentic rooted, intuitive selves.
Sarah lives in Edinburgh, Scotland and offers regular moon circles for all who identify as women. For information and to contact her please visit her Facebook page for her circles “Wild Woman Creates”