Tamara Perusic – Croatia, Zagreb

Dear beautiful souls, My name is Tamara and I am from Croatia. I am 43 years young with 2 beautiful kids and beloved husband. I have many talents and interests. I am listen to my inner voice that guides me what should I do or learn next. So, I have sharpened my skills in applied psychology and earned following certificates: NLP Business Practitioner, NLP Master, and Business Success Coach. To broaden my knowledge, I took some lessons in Soulwork Systemic Coaching. My gratest passion is Art and I love to paint. I am mastering drawing fractal drawings which are used as a way of Art therapy. Recently I fell in love with Wild woman concept and successfully completed Wild Woman Circle Leader Training. I feel called to serve all souls on their path of self development by sharing my love, light and knowledge. Love, Tamara

To join Tamara’s circle, email her at: wildwoman.love@gmail.com