Love for The WILD Woman Project

Love for Wild Woman Circle Leader Training

Remarkable. Deep. Powerful.

Chris’ Circle Training is thoughtfully planned out, is super fun, and is rife with rich content. Each module opens up a whole new layer within your inner wisdom, intuition and each of our quirky minds.

The love and humor is palpable on the group calls. The dynamic is safe, funny, and profound. I want to do the training all over again!

Sabrina Lopez

Miami, FL

Thank you. You are such a beautiful Light and the work you are doing and the way you are doing it is Profound.

It is soft and subtle, but deep and real; and it is absolutely unabashedly Perfect!

I am excited about the transformation it will bring to me, to my dear ones, to my community, and to the world.

Terri Lundquist

Millerton, NY

YES! I just finished this training and loved it.

It is full of wisdom and simultaneously light and playful. It is not a huge time commitment which was great.

For me the circle leader training was about stepping into my courage and gathering the tools to create community. I’m super excited to lead my first circle in April!

Amanda McCall

Berkshires, MA

One word- AWESOME! Everyone loved it.  wow! I felt very open, connected, free, light, peaceful, focused and grounded after the ritual and now as well. Thanks for making it so easy to lead with the step-by-step instructions.


Victoria, B.C

I’m starting to feel that becoming a circle leader is now giving me permission to CREATE – and I’m so excited to see what that means for me.

Nikki Scheidt


I think it’s my purpose to find, share, and help others see the light, and being a circle leader is part of that journey.  I believe in this ever-illuminating project.

Meredith Edwards

Brooklyn, NYC

I knew that I wanted to do the circle leader training after my Wild Woman Workshop experience with Chris. She holds space so beautifully and I wanted to learn HOW to guide a group that way.

The training was so interactive, and also independent. I told Chris how awesome it was to watch the videos on my own time, separate from the group, while still feeling like she was talking directly to me and that I was a part of something special.

Since starting my own circle in Houston I have realized how valuable this training/offering circles is to my teaching and experience of my community. I have created a space for myself and others to gather for inquiry, sharing, vulnerability and expression that is wholly unique. I also have a much deeper sense of ritual in my regular yoga classes.

I am grateful to Chris, and would recommend this training to anyone.

Stacey Ramsower

Meeting Chris Maddox and discovering The Wild Woman Project reactivated a part of me that was frozen in time, waiting to be reborn.

I think I did the training at exactly the right time, and since then, a huge part of myself has come alive and found what was lost. It has also kept me connected to a community of women and support network that I deeply needed after a huge geographical shift as I moved from NYC to Trinidad and Tobago.

Receiving weekly words of wisdom and empowerment from the training gave me the confidence to establish my career as an art therapist in a new country. It is also helping me build my tribe and a circle of women who can grow together and support each other in a safe space where we can be our authentic selves.

Emily Alvarez


“It came to me at a time when I wanted to deepen my relationships with women and deepen my own knowledge of the feminine.

Upon completion, I held my first circle and it was just as Chris had said. ‘The perfect women will come.’  And they did!  And they shared so generously, and took away every aspect of a circle; community, love, sisterhood, mystery, beauty and reverence.

Teaching yoga for 8 years, I didn’t think I had more capacity to hold space for others, but this training, and Chris’ authentic self and kind leadership, lead me to a place where I can not only hold space for others, I can hold it for myself.”


Danielle Gismondi

“When I look up in the early morning or the clear evenings and am met with the beauty of our Goddess Luna. I always have a breath of appreciation for how I see her now. Before she was just beautiful and sometimes extraordinary hanging in the sky and following me around.

Now I offer a breath to my new appreciation for her workings, her purpose, her wisdom, and her pull on my womanhood inside and out. We work together now. She reminds me of what I have forgotten, she leads me to reach deeper, she guides the time clock of purpose when I get distracted. She holds her promise of being present every single time.

Before she was just beautiful and sometimes extraordinary hanging in the sky and following me around until… until Chris Maddox crossed my path. She walked through my life and I wanted the passion she had about her mission.  I experienced the teachings the moon had taught her.  I wanted to share it like she did.  I wanted more.  I trained last year to lead circles.  I am leading circles.

Now I am sharing what Luna is teaching me with women.  This is an ancient practice this feels so right for me.  I encourage your courage to have a taste.”


Aimee D. Davis

It was a smashing success!…There was a moment while leading the mediation, when it really hit me. How honored I felt to be holding space for these incredible women, while walking beside them as they awakened to their wild hearts. It was a moment of true heart/purpose/alignment combined with a “holy crap this is fricking awesome” . In that moment I had an official “aha”, this is why I felt called to sign up for Wild Woman Training, to facilitate without fully understanding why!!!

Mandi Mack

Calgary, AB

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Praise for 1-on-1 Work with Chris

This  was a true transformation for me, and literally the best thing I’ve done for myself in a really long time.

I will never be the same, nor would I want to. I needed a change, and Chris gave me the perfect guidance through it, tailored uniquely to me so perfectly. I am stronger, understand and trust myself more, and have so much more courage to be myself in any situation.

I was struggling with heavy bouts of depression over the past years, and this has helped IMMENSELY. I learned to connect to myself in a very powerful way, and am learning to understand and heal myself through it. I feel as though I’ve come alive, and it’s beautiful, and am so grateful for Chris for that.

I can genuinely say I am a happier, healthier, and stronger person after this experience.

Marianna K.

Oakland, CA

I had such a profound experience during my 40 Day Transformation.

Chris truly provides you with a program that is personalized to what your needs are and what is aching to be explored. Her insight is very deep and wise! She helped me navigate through things that I was completely lost on.

Things had come up that I’ve never felt/experienced before. She lovingly guides you through and helps bring clarity to the situation. As a result of her program, I developed a stronger connection to my inner wisdom and learned how to live IN my creativity. I have a stronger sense of who I truly am now and I can live a more vibrant life because of it! I strongly recommend this to anyone who feels “stuck” in a place in their life (like I was) and is looking for a way out! You will NOT regret it.”

Gisette Miguel

West Chester, PA

When Chris had her transformation workshop, I jumped at the chance to work with her.

She was warm, open, inviting, very easy to connect with, seemed to know me and truly helped me through a very tough time. Her ability to really hear me and understand where i was and where i was going; amazing! I can only hope to be able to do the same thing for other women in my area. I look forward to meeting Chris at one of her circles soon. Thank you, Chris Maddox for your help and support! You are an inspiration!

Laurie Abbott

Walpole, NH

Chris’s 40 Day Transformation brought me into a new way of living my life, one where I have a happier and more satisfying relationship with myself. I had often viewed the world pessimistically and after working with Chris, I see the world in a new light: one of hope, joy, beauty, and possibility. And I’m living it that way too!!

She helped me reawaken my passions and find a new way to live. She is one of those rare people who teaches and leads with her whole heart which made me feel so safe. She opened a door for me to walk through, and stood by my side with unabashed support every step of the way (even if I had an extra question or felt uneasy).

The 40 days with Chris are ones I will always treasure, and the new life I’m living is something I will forever be grateful for.

Jennifer Mirkin

Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for taking me on a journey during the 40 Day Transformation Program.

You truly have a gift for connecting to people’s spirit and true nature. You emotional support was and will always continue to be very healing. The fact that you got right to the heart of the matters during out chats was beyond remarkable. You created an opening in in my life for more clarity creativity and self respect.

Sabrina Lopez

Miami, FL

I am really grateful for having taken this 40 day journey with Chris.

She has an incredible way of identifying your needs and really gets down to business from Day 1. I have learned many things thanks to her, but most importantly I have learned how to accept and love myself, to really take care of myself. Sometimes the only thing keeping us from being truly happy is our relationship with ourselves. The work done on this 40 day transformation is a lesson that will last a lifetime

Cynthia C.


Working 1-on-1 with Chris (Full)

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Praise for Wild Woman Fest

My soul is weeping with gratitude.

Christine S.

I cannot believe it that you planned for us to experience all that we did because it was exactly what I needed! You covered all the grounds of healing that I needed.

I feel so safe now, having experienced what it is like to SHARE deeply personal things and be listened to in a loving sisterly environment.

I’ve changed in many ways and I am SO thankful Chris that you shared this with us!

Samantha Midler

What a light you are in this world, Chris Maddox! Thank you for holding us in your heart, and creating such safe sacred space for us to connect with each other and the mystery that is the divine feminine. all my love!

Danielle Gismondi

I can’t wait for next year!

Katie Hagel

I wanted to thank you for a truly undeniable weekend.

I have no words for the shift that I felt with all of you on the mountain. Honestly, the weekend was a dream come true that I didn’t know that I had.

Sienna Brown

WOW. The WWF was absolutely amazing !  We are all tingling and vibrating with all the inspiration that was shared.

In deep gratitude to be part of the WWF. Thank you for your great commitment and dedication to unfolding this amazing event so beautifully.

What a luminous, heart filled, revelatory, sweet, inspiring, deep gathering of wild women. Each session so exquisite.

You are a blessing to all of us. What a creative strong beauty you are.

Thank you dearest Heart. In AWE and looking forward to more. This was one of the most meaning-filled events in my life.

Felicia Sharifa Norton

True sisterhood totally felt. Especially when I got back, I noticed it.

The way I view and interact and even subconsciously view women will never be the same.

Lift them up. Mwuahhhhhh

Marianna K.

It was so much more than I could have imagined. I feel deeply connected to everyone whom was there.

Elizabeth Coleman

Back from the mountain. From a weekend with Wild Women. It was one of those weekends that felt like a few lifetimes. More importantly, my spirit feels delightfully nourished and full… It’s needing to unbutton it’s jean button if you get what I mean.

Celebrating the new moon in this way was really truly brilliant.

Eternally grateful to Chris Maddox and the Wild Women for pure magic.


Mishel Ixchel

Wild Women Fest is a temple, a union, a communion, a powerful planet of female power.

It is gyrating, mystifying, magnetizing moonbath of love.

Follow the tide. You will find us.

Julie Balter

There truly are no words to express my gratitude.

Sarah Shankman

Heading back to NYC today after a truly soulful, sweet, spirited, juicy, divine, playful, silly, electric, natural, celebratory Wild Woman Fest weekend in the Berkshires!

It was an honor just to be a part of it. I am equal parts proud of and so grateful for the luminous Chris Maddox, who just so happens to share every adjective listed above in common with the Fest SHE created.

You are SHINING, Beauty. See you next year!!!

Sara Goff

This past weekend was the most magical experience I’ve ever had.

Words can not express how much gratitude I have for all the women who spent time with me on the mountain top.

Amanda P.

Thank you for a fantastic experience!

I went with a friend for the day on Saturday, just thinking it would be sweet to spend sometime with her, get to know each other better.  Well, all that and more!  The workshops were really well done, well planned, well executed and I love that the teachers were also participants for the weekend. I have a lot of food allergies and didn’t think to ask about the menu.  No need, the food was fantastic, so important when we were busy all day opening our hearts and minds, dancing, laughing and crying.  Hoping to be there for more than just one magically full day next year!!

Amy H.

Had the most amazing time at Wild Woman Fest this weekend up on the mountain with some phenomenal women and soul sisters. Reflecting back my dark, my light, & destiny: to liberate and shine. Thank you Chris Maddox and all you wild ones for some deeply needed nourishment, and the opportunity to offer my gift. Cherishing each of you and the majic. I want every precious woman i know to be up on the mountain next year!! Cheers to Chris for manifesting this sweet dream!

Pooja Ru Prema

My invitation to Wild Woman Fest come to me in the form of a postcard handed to me by a girlfriend. On my hands, the weight of the postcard pulled me right down into my body. I knew, at that moment, that I had to be there. Lo and behold, I was right. My weekend with Chris and the Wild women provided me with the exact medicine, rest, and revitalization I needed at this moment in my life. I know, without a doubt, that this is now officially a yearly ritual I will partake in for as long as Chris hosts them. May that be until we’re all well into our 90s!

Mishel Ixchel

I cannot even begin to describe the love and awe I felt this weekend.
It was a very powerful, fun and transformative gathering.


Julie K.

It was at deep and powerful weekend.


Luminous Chris Maddox, you have gathered a soulful, generous, heart-centered tribe.

I am so grateful to be embraced in such a lovely sisterhood and am honored to do my part to continue the ripple of our collective reach the world.

Evermore thanks. xo!

Helen Buron

Still feeling so blown away by the beautiful loving space that we all held for each other. There is something so deeply special about connecting with other women. Thank you Thank you!

Cynthia H.

This July, I had a blessing of being a part of a magical event – the Wild Woman Fest 2014.

Chris Maddox, its organizer and the embodiment of wisdom, deep intuition, and beauty, gathered a group of beautiful, soulful women on the top of a Berkshire mountain, a home for wild animals, majestic trees, dark starry sky, and breathtaking views.

The power of the weekend spent on the mountain will live inside of me forever.

The threads of connection to oneself, each other, and the quiet mystery around us stretched deep, taking a hold of the heart and imagination. We gathered and we prayed, breathed, ate, danced, dreamed, and sang together.

Many accomplished and inspiring visionary women led workshops on the power of creativity, imagination, and the wisdom of the body. I was honored to be invited to teach a belly dance workshop and to share my love and devotion to this dance form, which so naturally finds its home in the body. Much of our daily life spent in the culture that is disconnected from the body, making it difficult to know and connect to ourselves and those around us.

The sacred space held at the Wild Woman Fest offered a much needed reminder about the limitless well of creativity, wisdom, and humanity that sits in each one of us. Drinking the fresh water from that well is a true gift.

Wherever you are, don’t miss this event in 2015!

Irina Kom

My Sister Moon Mother, A part of me stepped aside this past weekend. My fists unclenched Saturday evening and another side of me gently stepped in. We are getting to know each other. This is my closest new friendship yet. Chris Maddox you held a space for this to happen, deeply grateful. Namaste.

Aimee Davis

A profound weekend, my body heart and soul are still absorbing the beauty that we all shared.

So much love to you all, and again thank you sweet Chris for making it happen.

Amanda McCall

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Praise for Live Workshops

I wish every woman in the world could have this experience!”~Nathalie Lailler, Astoria, NYC


The THE WILD WOMAN PROJECT changed my life. I became brave to show my feelings and be more feminine and strive for mindfulness. I am in workshop mode, expanding my toolbox, of activism organizing, working deeper and more meaningfully in writing and facilitating with veterans and taking time for me to enjoy the journey of everyday and doing purposeful work that fulfills me. I doubt myself less and have more positive inner dialogue. Thank you!”~Jenny Pacanowski

What changed in you from the first week to the last?

Everything!!! I changed so deeply inside that reflected out.

What surprised you about the workshop?

 How we supported each other, there was no competition, just open heart and friendship since the beginning. How different and similar are we in all aspects…

What did awakening your wild woman do for the other areas of your life?

I’m a better person now, I feel more powerful, more relax, more connected with nature, self confidence,  I’m not afraid to be what I am!!!!

How did the workshop make you feel?

Extremely sexy , extremely happy, extremely wild!!!

~Mariana Da Costa Pinto

What changed in you from the first week to the last?
My internal awareness. I began to understand myself on a deeper level, and with my new discoveries began to see the world a bit clearer.

What surprised you about the workshop?
How closely I connected with all of my fellow WILD women. They felt like my long lost sisters by the end of the month.
What did awakening your wild woman do for the other areas of your life?
After the workshop, every area felt more ALIVE. I finally felt that I was living life in my truest form.

How did the workshop make you feel?
I fell in love with myself…for the first time.

~Nikki Scheidt

Chris Maddox’s Wild Woman Initiation most certainly changed my life, for the better.  I had never met Chris before, but immediately upon entering the room, I was greeted with such a glowing warmth that I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.  Chris creates a judgement-free, sacred space amongst the women in the room, free to explore and engage.  Together, in this safe and supportive place, we dug deep.  It was in these depths that I was able to find a clarity and peace that I had never experienced before; the kind that cracks your armor, opens your heart, and eases your mind.  I encountered the most beautiful discoveries and releases, thus awakening my wild woman, bringing me closer to her, allowing me to see that I am her.  I am grateful to have met such awe-inspiring women and to now have a community in The Wild Woman Project.

~Meredith Edwards

The Wild Woman Initiation was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.  It connected me to a group of spirited women and in the group space gave me time to look deeply inside myself and reconnect.  Chris is unapologetic in her quest to unleash the divine feminine on the world, and we (women) intuitively know that and long for that.  I looked forward to Thursday like it was a grand adventure, 5 straight weeks, nothing could have stopped me from showing up- THAT in and of itself speaks to the power of this workshop.” ~Stacey Ramsower

This is well worth the time/money! Sisterhood is a very important topic that isn’t often explored in a genuine and vulnerable way. I have since realized that if I heal, grow, and deepen my relationships with women then so many things in my life will fall into place! This workshop is a jumping off point to begin a lifelong practice of sisterhood. Chris creates a safe and inviting space to explore and acts both as a sister and facilitator in this experience.”~Lauren Hemley

What would you say to a woman considering taking the workshop?
Why not? Do you have SO much sisterhood in your life that you can’t afford to have more? Seriously though, I would just say that it really makes you aware, in the present moment, of how IMPORTANT it is to have women around who support you and who, despite having just met you..really understand the essence of your struggles and your perspective. It made me so aware that women really DO go through similar challenges, despite their differences.
How did it make you feel?
Vulnerable, home, strong, fearless, all of these things and aware. Awareness of myself in the relation to the other women was a big one.
Why was it worth the time and money?
Just like taking a yoga class or getting a massage or taking yourself out for an awesome dinner, this wknd is worth it! Especially as New Yorkers we need to spend time sitting back and reflecting and relaxing and sharing and re-emerging and sometimes we need to set aside the time for that.
What did you love?
I loved the fact that it was on the night of the Full Moon and that it was such an intimate group and we were so encouraged to share and really BE with one another.
How did it affect your life/perception after the workshop?
I really feel like I’ve thought about the idea of sisterhood a lot more when I encounter women. Like, “where is this woman coming from?” “How can I be generous with her and let her know that we’re on the same team?” I feel like I’ve been more again, AWARE.
~Kelly Renn


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