Maria Luiza (Marilu) Romedea – Bucharest, Romania


My vision and deepest wish is to work through therapy and workshops with all the sisters who feel the need to awaken their dormant feminine energies. This is possible through therapies like Womb Healings, Womb Blessings, using Light Language and/or through workshops like The Heroine’s Journey and The Earth’s Dance (Dance of the Earth). I also hold monthly New Moon (Red Tent/Wild Women Project) and Full Moon (Worldwide Womb Blessing – Awakening and Healing the Feminine Energy ) sister circles and organize, along with other sisters and guest facilitators an event called “A Day in the Red Tent”.

Through my journeys I have connected with different forms of feminine shamanism and have learned of the sacredness of feminine energy from earth’s grandmothers and keepers. I have received the “Red Tent Women’s Circles Facilitator” certification from The Moon Woman – Tanishka and have become an “Advanced Moon Mother”, Mentor and Country Coordonaor in the “Womb Blessing” energy system created by Miranda Grey, a “Warrior Goddess Facilitator” initiated by Heather Ashamara, she is a disciple of don Miguel Ruiz in the ways of Toltec shamanism. I am am also part of the Wild Woman Project community having been initiated by Chris Maddox.

I am the initiator of the Romanian Red Tent movement and feel really honored and happy to be able to offer this space to the women of Romania. I am the first certified Red Tent facilitator in Romania, having received Alisa Starkweather’s (who is the initiator of this global movement) blessing. I am also the first certified romanian Wild Women Project and Warrior Goddess facilitator.

I walk the path of the Earth Mother, of the Moon, of the Spirit of the Water and of the Divine Feminine. I have chosen to be in service of my sisters and support them in their journeys back HOME. The therapies and circles I hold come in support of Awakening, Healing and Balancing the Feminine Energy.

I am passionate about the ways of feminine shamanism, and have traveled to meet and learn the ways of traditional Earth Keepers: the Lakota natives of North America, the Kogi of Colombia and have learned much about our Earth Mother and the ways of women with other natives of Colombia, Brasil, and Africa.

It is time for women to reconnect with the earth and the sacredness of their bodies, knowing that they are the ones who will birth a new world.

I don’t pretend to be a shaman but I study and practice these ways because I resonate with them and because they are part of and bring us closer to the oldest and the most natural of religions – our connection with nature. I organize “Women’s Rights of Passage” that mark the initiations in a woman’s life and offer support and help in transcending difficult moments: the first menstrual blood, becoming a wife, a mother, menopause but also when a relationship ends or after depression, etc.

If you feel that you resonate with me, I invite you to join me in awakening , healing and balancing the feminine energy! May you walk in beauty, sister!

Maria Luiza (Marilu) Romedea

Wild Women Project Facilitator

Red Tent Women’s Circle Facilitator

Warrior Goddess Facilitator

Advanced Moon Mother Womb Blessing Country Coordonator

Feminine Shamanism

Certified Counselor of Personal and Spiritual Development


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