Dear One,

There are exactly 3 days left in this Moon Cycle (Jan. 27th – Feb. 25th).

Within the intelligence of the cycle, it is a time for reflection on & honoring of what has emerged for us since the New Moon January 27th.

Because the times are calling for even more heart, even more resilience, and even more inspired action, I have been in an ongoing inquiry:

What actions, behaviors, people, environments, thought patterns drain my energy?

What actions, behaviors, people, environments, thought patterns give energy?

I consider this the most important inquiry in my life right now. That is because the time we are living in now, together, is unique & requires of us a different set of skills than those we have become comfortable with. We are in new terrain, personally & collectively.

I offer to you these 3 Life-Giving Practices to experiment with because I believe your energy level & your being is inextricably linked to all that is. As you raise your vibration, we all benefit.

We are in this together. Let us really live these last days of the Cycle – fully.

1. Connect with Your Sisters & Brothers. Who do you love? Who holds a deep place in your heart? Family, dear Friends, beloved colleagues, influential teachers, old sisters/brothers from times long past, members of your community you are grateful for. Who comes to mind?

Choose a handful of them & find a way to connect with them in these last days of the Moon Cycle. Do so in whatever way you feel called – surprise them with a gift, pick of the phone, text, email, a handwritten letter. Use your intuition for guidance. Come with warm words & heart.


I know it seems simple, but watch your energy level as you do this. Feel the warmth of loving connection. Remember (and help those you love remember) that we are not alone, we have the one another. This is an important medicine of the time.

2. Go on a Generosity Spree. What do you have to give? A cup of coffee, A book on your shelf? Help of some kind? Warm words? Generosity opens the pathways of connection & love between living beings.

In these last days of the Moon Cycle, can you challenge yourself to give? If you need ideas/inspiration around this, check out our Instagram or Facebook Page where we’ve been playing Generosity Truth or Dare all cycle long.


Be really awake to the energy flow as you do this. What does it feel like to give generously? What impact does it have on those involved? As with every pursuit of the Wild Woman, do it with depth.

3. Take Solo time for personal reflection about the Moon Cycle. Reflective time with self is a way of nourishing & strengthening the voice of guidance inside. This is where we can really listen to our own intuition and feel our inner sense of things. Take time in these last 3 days of the Cycle for reflection on what has unfolded inside and out.

Feel free to use these journaling prompts to aide you:
If you made an intention on the New Moon, what was it & how is it unfolding?
Remember: when you make an intention, it may take time to come fully into fruition. Note & celebrate any progress.

What have I learned about myself this cycle?
Remember: this isn’t about casting judgement on yourself, but rather becoming aware of your inner workings. Knowledge is power.

What have a learned about the nature/practice of Generosity this cycle?

What am I leaving behind this cycle?
Example: a specific habit or expectation of yourself.

What am I carrying with me into the Next Moon Cycle?
Example: a new skill, outlook, or habit.

What has happened (inside or out) this cycle that I can celebrate now?

Free Write: Connect with that which you consider to be sacred or divine & then write anything that is on your heart.

Have an nourishing & awakening finish to the Moon Cycle!

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Sending you waves of Love & Life,

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