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United States

Listed Alphabetically by State, then City

Dalton, CA

Amanda Petrocelly

Amanda has been a wild woman project circle leader since the start of the project three years ago. In 2012 she received her Bachelors of Art in Theatre from California State University, Fullerton where she intensively studied movement for the stage. Recently, she co-created and performed an original Feminist Theatre piece titled “Pieces of Her”. She is currently walking the path of developing herself as a wild woman, theatre artist, and spiritual being. To join her circle, email

Oakland, CA

Marianna Kowalczyk

Marianna’s circles are held in her home near Lake Merritt.  For new moon circles, she infuses the air with essential oils and provides unique teas made with medicinal plants to suit the mood of each theme and help get us all connected on an energetic level.  There is a pool outside her door where women are welcome to bathe in post circle when they are held earlier in the day. Marianna’s style is playful and open.  She is an environmental engineer, pianist, maker of homemade bodycare products, hula hooping lover, and most recently coordinator of an educational medicinal plant garden.  For circle details and directions, email Marianna at | WW Circle FB Page


Pinole, CA



Karla Hampton

Karla helps women to embody the feminine + sensuality to feel centered, connected and confident. She teaches pleasure practices for women who want to get of their head and into their body.  As sexual wellness mentor, she specializes in pleasure practices, sensual body movement and feminine embodiment.  She lives her life guided by the belief that pleasure is our birthright and that without pleasure happiness is only an illusion. Her circles are filled with movement, sensuous delights and magic! Learn more about her work and upcoming circles at or email her at to join an upcoming circle.

Brea, CA

Payden Ackerman (WILD MAN)

Payden hosts a Wild Woman Moon Circle in a cozy apartment in Orange County where he lives. He offers a welcoming space and leads a Reiki influenced Circle. He promises an open heart to whoever attends. He teaches and directs theatre for a living, craves pizza on a daily basis, and is married to an amazing woman. For Circle details and directions, email Payden at


Temecula, CA



Shaye Leeper

Shaye Leeper’s life has been radically transformed in recent years as she has reconnected to her true, wildish nature and instincts after feeling lost and insecure from a lifetime of physical and emotional abuse and pain. It has become her passion to live a life of freedom and acceptance of herself and others and to relentlessly pursue the beauty of living an authentically WILD life. It has become her deepest desire to promote sisterhood and a community of acceptance among wildish women in her area.  Shaye lives in Southern California with her little human family and an abundance of furry and feathered kids and two tortoises who reside in their little shells.


Wasco, CA

Maira Rios

Contact: for details + directions.

Boulder, CO

Melissa Tamura

Email for details + directions. Note from Melissa: It will be Wild Woman with a Kundalini Twist.

Fort Collins, CO

 Sierra Frost

Sierra is a woman who skips towards fear to find the light. She teaches yoga for addiction and trauma recovery, is a reiki healer, and enjoys empowering others through teaching positive affirmations, nutrition, and self-care skills. She lives her live guided by the belief that anytime we interact with another being, we have the potential to change each other’s lives, and our world. Sierra looks forward to finding a permanent home for her circle in Fort Collins, CO. Please email her at to find your magic.

Washington, D.C

Joanna Andreae

Joanna Andreae is enjoying finding the wild and playful in Washington, D.C and holds her Wild Woman Moon Circles at yoga studios in the city. She enjoys helping women find their magic recipe for health and learn how to manage their stress and feel great.  Her circles are filled with relaxation techniques, edible goodies (like dark chocolate or other yummy baked goods), support and inspiration. Learn more about her work, easy recipes , and upcoming circles at or email to join an upcoming circle!

Tampa, FL

 Holly McCormick

Holly is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga alliance as well as a 95-hour certified Children’s Yoga Teacher. She became a Wild Woman Circle leader because she loved the idea of bringing women together to love, laugh and dream together. Holly enjoys dancing, singing to her cats, and exploring the world around her. She holds her circle in Tampa Florida. Visit her website for more information. You can also email Holly at

Atlanta, GA

Sarah Cavrak

Sarah is an international yoga teacher, reiki healer, and Wild Woman!  She is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, but flies to and from this big city nest in order to share her passion for yoga, healing, wildness, and women all over the world.  As a true Gemini, she has been called to embrace a creative blend of sweetness with fire, nourishment with transformation, and in the midst of this journey find stillness at the center.  Please join her each month to share in the new moon energy as we each Discover our Wild Souls.  Visit her website ( or social medias (FB & IG @sarahcavrakyoga) for circle gathering dates and locations.

Carrabassett Valley, ME

Ashley Jensen

Ashley is a wild nature enthusiast who resides in the Western Maine Mountains where she has founded a wellness center, The Harmony House.  She is a yoga instructor, personal trainer, health coach, and light seeker. Her mission is to connect her community, inspire a deeper connection with nature, and release the light that is within everyone. The Harmony House has an open door policy and invites everyone and anyone who feels called or curious to come join the magic. Contact:


Boston, MA



Maya Mortman

It is with honor and excitement that Maya carries forward the tradition of the new moon circle. She believes that gathering together—being, listening, sharing, visioning—empowers women to create the world they believe in. The Wild Woman Project gives her hope for the future of this planet! Maya intends the circle space to be welcoming, wholehearted and alive. She gathers inspiration from natural cycles and rhythms, and how they move together to form a whole. She likes to plunge her hands into the dirt and feel around the roots of things (literally and spiritually). Her work in the world includes teaching, farming, writing, and making music. She holds a BA in English and French from Skidmore College and currently studies bass at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.

Maya will hold circles at Sruti Yoga Center in Great Barrington, MA until June 2016 and then begin leading in Boston—stay tuned! Please do not hesitate to email with questions:    


Leslie Frame-Crowley

Originally from Chicago, Leslie will be leading her first circles in Los Angeles this Spring. Leslie is a writer, an actor, and an amateur astrologer. Leslie loves sacred storytelling, and believes deeply in the idea that understanding and telling our own stories as well as the stories of our sisters from other times and places is powerful, healing, and very much needed in the world today. Leslie is also a self-confessed circle-junkie, and is very much looking forward to gathering the women in her city to share their experiences, think higher thoughts, tap into the collective, laugh, bawl, listen, and eat chocolate.


Lenox, MA

Cathy Salvini

Cathy is the owner of the beautiful Zaanti Yoga Studio in Lenox, MA, which she founded in 2010. She is a Kripalu trained, Certified Yoga Teacher, with a Masters in Education. Cathy is a lifelong resident of the Berkshires. She shares yoga with those affected by cancer (patients, caregivers, survivors), as well as domestic abuse survivors. She is a lover of dreams, astrology and intuition. While meditating on the decision to join the Wild Woman Training and start Moon Circles, a barred owl (symbol of moon and feminine) flew into her yard and perched.


Leverett, MA



Mishel Ixchel

Mishel is an Ecuadorian-born & NYC-bred magic & medicine woman. She teaches the art of Exquisite Self Care through classes, workshops, events and retreats. Mishel is currently working on her first book, a Self-Care guide that weaves together modern & ancient practices with women’s cycles and Mother Nature’s seasons. To learn more about Mishel’s work and for a list of upcoming events, visit



Lynn, MA

Qudsiya Carol Rodrigue

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t in love with the beauty, grace, songs and deep sighs of trees.  They have been constant companions throughout my life and the open arms into which I fell when needing comfort.  The arms of The Black Madonna now embrace me as well and I hear the call “Stay Awake with Me” from my Sufi teachers.  Studying with a Shaman has given me insight into the seen and unseen rich and amazing worlds in which we live.  Seeking to discover what is True For Me and to share with sisters drawn to discover their Truth is my on-going quest.   I was blessed to receive an AB in Politics and Religion from Mount Holyoke College. Email to join my circle.

North Adams, MA

Danielle Gismondi

Danielle is an early childhood educator by day, and yoga instructor by evenings and weekends.  She heard the call and jumped into circle leader training, which showed her the beautiful facets of the moon cycle.  She dances liberally, laughs constantly, and believes that her cats really understand what she’s saying.  She holds circles at Frog Lotus Yoga in North Adams, MA and has gathered a tribe of women with unmatched sweetness and deep authenticity.  She hopes you’ll join her for the dance parties, the sharing, and the space holding that takes place there. Feel free to visit for circle details and location or to email Danielle at

Enfield, New Hampshire

Neysa Minahan

Neysa is a free soul who helps keep herself wild at heart and in nature through her animal loves.  Her little farm keeps her grounded and in touch with those that came before while still letting her wild develop and grow.  She is often seen in her bare feet and curls ablaze at home with her hounds or goats,  or in boots with the horses.  Neysa invites all women to slip off their shoes, let down their hair and just BE in her circles.  BE yourself, BE seen, BE heard. For circle location or more information, message her at

Jersey City, NJ

Lauren Hemley

Lauren is a yoga instructor and WILD woman living in Jersey City. Her monthly New Moon circles are held at Grassroots Community Space where she also teaches yoga on Sundays. In her classes and circles, Lauren seeks to create a safe and nurturing space where everyone can feel and express fully, and honor the divine feminine. Lauren loves to dance and eat dark chocolate. For more info, email Lauren at

West Orange, NJ

Amy Witmyer

Amy has had a unique style and deep passion for Visual, Healing and Movement Arts for over 20 years. She celebrates women’s innate need for empowerment and healing. Joining our wildness, she is now offering Wild Woman Moon Circles all around her community.
Amy is also a devoted Mother and Wife, Yogini-Shaman, a Wild Woman Project Leader, Sustainability Advocate, E-RYT 500+ Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Holistic Lifestyle & Empowerment Coach.
Visit Amy and her studio Sacred Space Yoga & Wellness at where you will find details about her ongoing circles, projects, events and more!

Chatham, NY

Marcy Coalter

Marcy is a Mama to many, writer, gypsy-soul, keeper of sacred space, Renaissance Woman, and  eternal student. She believes in the power of community and seeks to gather those kindred Spirits who seek to consciously create a culture of Divine connection. Every month, on the first Thursday, Sisters will gather at SuperSoul Yoga Studio in Chatham, NY at 8pm where you will find yourselves immersed in the warming glow and healing embrace of those seeking to give voice to their inner Goddess using visualization, meditating, movement, sharing, artistic expression, and a myriad of magical practices. If you feel moved, please contact Marcy at and visit her at to stay up to date on events, workshops, and sharings.

Millerton, NY

Aimee Davis & Julie Kunz

Aimee has taken a great deal of pride in being trained by Chris Maddox and co-leading the circle with Julie Kunz for over a year in Millerton, NY. Holding a space for women to come every month to feel safe in sharing from their wild heart, network with one another, and most of all welcoming each woman to come just as they are.  There is such beauty in this ancient ritual of gathering.  We have much to learn still from Goddess Luna and one another. Find out more about Aimee and her awesome massages here. Julie infuses her knowledge of Andean shamanic ritual to seal our intentions each month. She is a new mother and has a background in early childhood education. Learn more about her here: For circle details & directions email or visit The Wild Women of Millerton Facebook Group.

 Terri Lundquist

Terri offers an alternative gathering for those who can’t make it to Julie’s and Aimee’s circles. She is a skilled shamanic practitioner and shamanic reiki master teacher. She believes to be in service is a good thing–not servitude, just service to Mother Earth bringing Her people together. She envisions creating ceremony and holding free spaces to remind women that we are a tribe and we are the future and the shift. We will make the difference. Circles are infused with beauty and love and are hosted at her healing sanctuary at 28 Main Street in Millerton, NY. Visit her website ( for circle gathering dates.

Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NYC

Samantha Midler

Sammy’s wild side is childlike; energetic, free, open and loving.  In her circle, held at her apartment in Brooklyn, she creates a space that is comfy/cozy, colorful, clean and safe.  Ms. Midler has a good dose of variety in her circles.  She connects to the monthly theme and allows it to guide her in creating a unique vibe that syncs with the monthly content. One month she might offer freshly baked bread and chocolate with elongated art making time.  Another month it might be a water elixir with cucumber, lemon and mint leaves with more focus on meditation.  Another month, it might be more musically based and upbeat and fast. A little bit about her: Samantha loves african, modern and salsa dancing, she is a biker, she loves to cook and she reads a lot. (book club anyone??) Email Samantha @

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC

Meredith Edwards

Meredith has been leading Wild Woman Moon Circles for over three years in Brooklyn, NY at Awakening Healing Center, an urban sanctuary in Greenpoint/Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Meredith creates a judgment-free, sacred space to let go, dive inward, and go on a journey with yourself.  Her circle aims to leave you feeling inspired, empowered, connected, and clear.  Meredith works as a Holistic Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Practitioner.  As an artist, filmmaker, theatre director and producer for over 10 years, Meredith weaves her passion soulful living, art, and creativity leading experiential workshops and retreats via The Sacred Arts Experience.  Meredith’s circle is open to all women.  For more information visit or contact her at

Manhattan, NYC

Kim “Kimmay” Caldwell

Kim “Kimmay” Caldwell has been a Wild Woman for years and is so thrilled to lead her circle in Manhattan, NYC. Kimmay has worked in the lingerie and intimates industry for 10 years and has heard and seen it all in the bra fitting room. She truly feels that helping a woman find the right bra helps her find her confidence and comfort which can change her life, so that she can change the world. She is the owner of Hurray Media LLC, a lingerie marketing business, and the website, a resource for women who want to say hurray on the inside, outside and underneath it all. She is so thankful to lead with The Wild Woman Project, to connect with other women, to breathe deep and be.

Veronica Beltran (a.k.a Vero)

Contact: for details & directions. Note:  Wild Woman Moon Circle Intro with Butiyoga & Reiki.

Jamaica, Queens, NY

Emily Alvarez

Emily Alvarez discovered The Wild Woman Project on a one year journey in Trinidad & Tobago, and it transformed her life. As a creative arts therapist and women’s advocate, her circles provide a safe and beautiful space for women to build connections, be their authentic selves, unfold their wildest dreams, and gain support from a nurturing tribe of women. When she is not traveling around the world, she can be found cooking odd foods in her kitchen, making collage art, blowing bubbles, and dancing with her son, Adonai. Emily now offers Telecircles, & will start officially posting up the circle info on her Facebook Group Page so that anyone can join from anywhere. Email: for details & TeleCircle Information.

Nyack, NY

Jorli Peña

Jorli has been powerfully inspired by Wild Women Circles as a regular participant since the Project’s inception. A recent transplant to the Hudson Valley, she is thrilled to launch and nurture a new circle in her local community this June. Her intention is create a space that embodies absolute acceptance, warmth, play, support and unknown possibility, anchored with the presence of women of all ages, gifts and backgrounds.  
While the exact location is being finalized, reach out to Jorli at or for more information or to reserve your spot. 

Peekskill, NY

Vanessa Agudelo

Vanessa is a wandering warrior spirit with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, love, and light. Her studies and love for ancient cultures, as well as everything wild, have led her on adventures around the globe. A true humanitarian and idealist, she hopes to change the world through the movement of love & service, igniting one heart flame at a time. Through her own journey of self-mastery, she hopes to inspire other women to take up the courage to look within and tap into their own full potential. For more information contact her at: Pre-registration for New Moon circles:


Columbus,  Ohio


 Sara Goff

Yoga Instructor, Soul Coach, and Wild Woman Fest teacher Sara Goff has been joyfully leading circles under Chris’s Wild Woman Format since 2010, when they met at a small studio in New York City. After living her own wild ways from the concrete jungle of NYC to the true jungle of Costa Rica and beyond for 15 years, Sara is thrilled to bring this Wild Woman work to her native Ohio and the sisters of the Midwest! Constantly aiming in her leadership to merge the playful and the sacred, Sara’s passion is helping others ascend to their highest radiance and create their happiest, most abundant lives, and she considers New Moon circles one of the most deeply heartfelt, healing practices on the planet. Sara’s other passions include travel (the more exotic the better), leading retreats, playground swings, dancing naked in the woods (sisters, campfires and drumbeats a plus), songs and storytelling, very dark chocolate, adventures in Aunt-ing, and all things outdoors.

To Join Sara’s Circle, email


Westerville, Ohio



Kerry Griffith

A true Sagittarius archer, Kerry embraces a life-path of adventure, and lovingly finds the magic along the way.  She thrives most when gathered among other spirited women, and provides sacred circles in the “Sanctuary Space” at Lakeside Forrest (Westerville, Ohio).  In addition to a daily mindful practice, parenting two beautiful souls, and a yogi, Kerry also dedicates herself to the women-owned, family-operated signage & graphics company. 

In September, Kerry hosts the Sacred GEO Experience, allowing the soulful spirits in Central Ohio to all that moves her spiritually.  The two day outdoor experience includes yoga, art, meditation, and celebration with an extremely unique Glamping experience that can’t be missed.  Kerry welcomes all women to her sacred circles, please connect with her at for more information and details.


Cave Junction,  Oregon


Allurynn is a Creative at heart, Miracle Embracer, Sacred Space Holder, Nature Lover, Moon Whisper…an Alchemical Healing Channel.  So, there’s no surprise why when she came across the Wild Woman Project that the call to step into leading Wild Woman New Moon circles was so strong.  She believes that when women circle together Magick Happens! Along with her training as a Reiki Master, Wellness Advocate,  ARTbundance™ Coach and a Certified Holistic Life Coach, infused with her own personal experiences and fueled by her passion to empower and inspire women to find their most vibrant, juicy life; she’s committed to offering a Sacred Space for women to come together, support and nurture each other as we connect to our wise, loving, brave Wildness…our authentic selves.  Embracing our Divine Feminine…which is our compass…who will never lead us astray.  Find Allurynn on Facebook and Instagram or connect with her through her Moonlit Pearls of Inspiration and Moonlight Living to find out more.

Bridgeport, PA

Gisette Miguel

Email for details + directions.

Easton, PA

Melissa Egan

Email for details + directions.


Pacific, WA




Jennifer Hryciw

Jennifer holds space for gatherings monthly wherever the inspiration strikes. She is an astrologer, herbalist, event planner and artist who loves to share in the magic of spinning through the universe with everyone.  In circle, she leads with an open heart to co-create an inspired and meaningful experience where women can feel nourished and replenished, invigorated by a renewed sense of the great and powerful and WILD feminine spirit that we share.  A new circle leader in the Wild Woman Project, but has lead many circles on the full moon with friends to celebrate the community of women in circle.  She welcomes every woman to come and join.  Find more info about Jennifer at



Port Orchard, WA




Suzette West

Suzette West hails from Port Orchard, WA. A lifelong seeker of truth, love, and light, Suzette is a soul-searching wild-spirit gypsy woman who exercises spirituality through art, music, and conscious dance of all styles. She is a dancer, a musician, songwriter, and lover of life. She lives close to her instinctive nature, and she is not afraid to follow her heart; or to love with all of her soul. She is fiercely loyal to the Wild Woman Archetype and all that the sacred feminine embodies. She feels deeply that she has been awakened to answer a call, and that she was meant to be a part of something greater than herself; a larger web of divine light among a sisterhood of light-bearers aiming to heal the world as a collective of love, heart-energy, and peace. She feels truly blessed and will celebrate each New Moon with dance, song, a WILDISH spirit, and a heartfelt HOWL!

Email Suzette for upcoming circle dates at

You can also check out her blog: Wild Spirit Dancer  and check out her band Legend Heart. 

Walla, Walla, WA

Sierra Tinhof

Email for details + directions.


Perth, Australia

Brooke Anne

Contact: for details + directions

Tracy McFie

Tracy lives amongst the rocks, red gums and sunsets of Wyld Western Australia. An hour South of Perth, her circles are created both at her home, Wyldstone near Pinjarra and also in Mandurah at the Soul Sanctuary. She has been a Space Holder for the past 20 years, and is absolutely honored to be part of the Wild Woman Project community. Tracy’s circles take an organic flow held by the energy of the new moon phase and the energy of the women present. It is with such a deep degree of honor and LOVE that I invite YOU, dear one, to share space with me Contact Trace on 0415 543 789 or check out for more info on all her Wyld Shenanigans.


(Alphabetically by City)

Calgary, AB

Mandi Mack

Mandi and her team lead the Wild Women Moon circle in Calgary at Prema Sai on 14 st SW. They are committed to having women show up and feel more comfortable, accepted and connected than they have ever felt. While having a ridiculous amount of fun!  She is a alternative health practitioner, entrepreneur, curious rebel, spiritual adventurer, travel and health geek, nature enthusiast and raw chocolate aficionado or just maybe obsessed with making chocolate. Learn more about Mandi here. Contact email: for details & directions. The group is planned and managed through so please join us to receive notification for upcoming dates, fun social events we have planned for after the circle, and what to bring if were doing a specific ritual.

Sooke, B.C


Email for details + directions.


Vancouver Island, B.C

 Colleen Reid

Colleen Reid, of La Loba Holistic Arts, is new to Vancouver Island and the Victoria area,  trading the mountains of Squamish for the ocean and island life style. Colleen is most at home in the mountains or on the trails, you may find her meditating on a summit, or collecting bones from the forest floor, which she brings new life to through carvings, paintings, and jewelry. She is a life long student of the Shamanic arts, her lineage starting from the Andean mountains, and Squamish Nation, and is currently studying with Foundation of Shamanic Studies (FSS). She is a practicing Shaman and offers Reiki massage, shamanic yoga and will soon be offering Thai Massage to her healing practice. Colleen is a graduate of The Wild Woman Project, created by Chris Maddox, and holds space each new moon for women in her community. Her Wild Woman circles weave in the teachings of journeying and visualization, earthy crafting and intention setting and she brings playful and primal yoga to her circles, available to all levels, that help those that come to circle open, release, and reconnect with their raw, true nature. 

Seeing the gifts that each of us has to offer, the true beauty of each individual, Colleen is utterly in love with the world, Mother Earth,  and all her people.


Toronto, Ontario

Lynne McNelly

Lynne ‘Charu’ McNelly a recent graduate of the Wild Women’s project holds her circles in her neighborhood and aims to create an intimate space filled with warmth, laughter, openheartedness and joy for community and friends.A long time local yoga and meditation teacher, Lynne believes in the importance of bringing women circles back into our communities, and recognizes the benefits for mental and spiritual well being. Lynne lives with her family and loves walking her lab collie on the beach.Check out her Facebook page called ‘Wild Woman Project Toronto’ or email her for location and dates of her monthly Moon circles (usually held on the 3rd Sunday of the month, 3-5pm) for details + directions.

United Kingdom

Buxton, Derbyshire

Katherine Louise Rushton

Katherine has recently qualified to lead Wild Woman Moon Circles. Her first circle aligned with the new moon in Aries, which was truly a special and powerful time to embark on this precious journey and to be trailblazing circles in the UK. She has a deep affinity with the moon and has been teaching yoga for ten years. For the last three years, since her daughter was born, she has been cultivating ways to connect with women and honor the divine feminine. She focuses on healing , liberating and empowering women and children, particularly those in vulnerable situations. Leading Moon Circles fits perfectly with Katherine’s ethos and desire to serve and offer women a sacred space to ‘be’ and be heard. It also adds a dimension that Katherine was yearning. In co-creating sanctuary, making a difference, facilitating growth, change, friendship and community Katherine feels blessed and honored with a real sense of joy, purpose and belonging. During her circles, Katherine serves herbal tea that aligns with the theme of the month and holds space for sisters who cannot be present in person by lighting a candle and turning a goddess card for each one. She also – in the summer months – hosts full moon soirees in her garden in a yurt made by a circle sister! You can contact Katherine by email: or website: or via the Facebook group:






Isabella Lennert

Contact: for details about the next circle.



Sonia Martínez Tortajada

Sonia Martínez Tortajada is a wild woman, a mother and a secondary degree teacher since fourteen years. But she was always fascinated by the kind of things we cannot explain, only feel. She is the leader of her own life, she has rediscovered herself and the time has come to help other women recognize themselves, their power, their soul. She has finished the Wild Woman Circle leader training and will offer the blessings of the Moon Circles to all, who wants to gather! She loves dancing, reading, trekking, listening to classical music, and she loves bringing love to the others. To join Sonia’s circle, please email:



The following leaders hold virtual circles, from anywhere. Contact them for call-in details.

Adrienne Baez

Adrienne is a free spirit, originally from Philadelphia is now exploring North Carolina.  She has an insatiable hunger of exploration and transformation and following the flickers of what lights her up and makes her come ALIVE.  She practices Reiki, Harmonyum healing, is a Transformational Coach and currently studying Universal Kabbalah.  She finds that the New Moon is such a powerful time to work with the universal energies available to connect with ourselves and each other collectively. Adrienne holds New Moon Circles currently in Asheville, NC and also on teleconference.  New Moon Circles can be anywhere from 1 – 2 hours depending on the size of the group. Please find me on Facebook: Adrienne Rhea or via email  for more information Looking forward to meeting you, you beautiful soul, xo Adrienne

Keeley Tompkins

Keeley runs her Wild Woman New Moon Circles virtually so you can join in from anywhere in the world! She is a transformational coach who works with creative entrepreneurial women to help them overcome PMS and other menstrual problems. You can find out more here and contact via

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