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Next New Moon: July 26th 2014

This Month’s Theme: Unleash Your Creativity

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International Telecircle, by phone

Circle Leader of the Month: Chris Maddox, TWWP Founder

Time: TBA (Need a time converter? Click Here)

Location: via phone

Suggested Donation: $10 or what you choose

Circle Type: Unisex


United States

(Alphabetically by State)

Fullerton, CA

Circle Leader: Amanda PetrocellyJoin Amanda's WILD WOMAN Moon Circle in OC, California

When: TBA

Where: A Private Home in Fullerton, CA

Cost: Free of charge! Bring at least one (or as many as you like) clothing items to donate.

Circle Type: Unisex

Contact:Email for details + directions.

Oakland, CA

Circle Leader: Marianna Kowalczyk & Kali Johnson

When: TBA

Where: A Private Residence

Cost: $7 Suggested Donation

Circle Type: For Women

Contact:  Email for details + directions.

Fullerton, CA

Circle Leader: Payden Ackerman (WILD MAN)

Time:  TBA

Location: A private studio

Cost: By Donation.

Circle TypeUnisex

Contact: for details + directions.

Wasco, CA

Circle Leader: Maira Rios

Time:  Saturday July 26 from 6:30-8pm

Location: 810 8th St

Cost: $3 Suggested Donation

Circle Type: For Women

Contact: for details + directions.

Boulder, CO

Circle Leader: Melissa Tamura

When: TBA

Where: (Private Residence this Month)

Cost: By Donation

Circle Type: For Women

Contact: Email for details + directions.

Note from Melissa: It will be Wild Woman with a Kundalini Twist.

Bridgeport, PA

Circle Leader: Gisette Miguel

When: Sunday July 27, 3-5pm

Where: Elks lodge #714, 494 ford st, Bridgeport pa 19405

Cost: $10 Suggested Donation

Circle Type: Unisex

Contact me at: for details + directions.

Easton, PA

Circle Leader: Melissa EganThe WILD Woman Project Circle in Lambert NJ

When: TBA

Where: Private residence in Easton, PA

Cost: Free of charge! Bring a snack to share if you’d like to hang out after the circle.

Circle Type: for Women

Contact me at: Email for details + directions.

GreatBarrington, MA

Circle Leader: Founder, Chris Maddox

Time: Happening at WILD WOMAN FEST!

Location: Sruti Yoga Center in Downtown GB

Suggested Donation: $15 Suggested Donation

Circle Type: For Women

Millerton, NY

Circle Leader: Aimee Davis, Terri Lundquist, Julie Kunz

When: Happening at WILD WOMAN FEST

Where: The Village Herbalist Wellness Studio

Cost: $15 Suggested Donation

Circle Type: For Women

Brooklyn, NYC

Circle Leader:  Meredith Edwards

Time: Thursday, July 24,  7-9PM

Special Location this Month: Havenmeyer Park, 329 Kent Ave (Part of the Tipi Project)

Cost: Suggested Donation $10

Circle Type:  For Women

Note from Meredith:  Email for details + directions.


Circle Leader: Nikki Scheidt
Date: TBA
Location: a Private Residence
Circle Type: For Women
Cost: Suggested Donation $10
Contact: Email for details + directions.

 NewYork, NYC

Circle Leader: Limor Hakim

Wild Woman

Time: Limor is off to L.A to start a new Adventure! Please See Brooklyn Circle Details above.

Contact: Email


Houston, TX

Circle Leader: Stacey Ramsower

Time: Fri, July 25, 7pm – 9pm

Location: Yoga Collective, 3938D N. Shepherd Drive

Cost: By Donation

Circle Type: For Women

Pre-register here.


Houston, TX

Circle Leader: Arwen Rhea

Time: TBA

Location: TBA

Cost: By Donation

Circle Type: Unisex

Contact: Email me at for details + directions.

Walla, Walla, WA

Circle Leader: Sierra Tinhof

Location: A Private Residence

Time: TBA

Suggested donation: Free
Circle Type: Unisex
Contact: Email for details + directions.


Perth, Western Australia

Circle Leader: Brooke Anne
Date: TBA
Location: Private Residence Perth, Western Australia
Circle: For Women
Cost: Suggested Donation $5
Contact: for details + directions


(Alphabetically by City)

Calgary, AB

Circle Leader: Mandi Mack

When: TBA

Where: a Private Residence Calgary AB, Canada

Circle Type: For Women

Cost: Suggested Donation

Contact: Email , call 403-608-9576, Facebook for details + directions.

Sooke, B.C

Circle Leader: Tammy

Time: TBA

Location: A Private Residence

Circle Type: For Women

Contact: Email for details + directions.

Victoria, B.C

Circle Leader: Kathryn “Kat” Kusyszynjoin her circle in Victoria, B.C

Time: TBA

Location: Private Residence in Victoria, B.C

Circle Type: For Women

Contact: or call 778.433.9806 for details +directions.

Find out more about Kat here:


Woodbrook, Trinidad

Circle Leader: Emily Alvarez

Location: This Month there will be a Mini Retreat! Details here!

When: Sunday, July 26th & 27th

Suggested Donation: TBA

Contact: Email Emily at for details + directions.  

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