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Next New Moon: December 21st

This Month’s Theme: Sacred Architecture

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International Telecircle, by Phone

Lead by: Chris Maddox, TWWP Founder Time: Saturday, December 20th 3-5pm ET (Need a time converter? Click Here) Location: via your Computer Circle Type: For Women Register Here:

Suggested Exchange: $15

Please Note: Space is Limited. Early Registration Encouraged. TeleCircle is very interactive. Live attendance is encouraged. You will receive a link to the recording. If you have any trouble signing up, email and we will get you registered.

United States

Listed Alphabetically by State, then City


Dalton, CA


Circle Leader: Amanda Petrocelly
When: Thursday, November 20th at 7:30
Where: A Private Home in Downey, CA
Cost: Free
Circle Type: Unisex
Contact:Email for details + directions.



Los Angeles, CA

Circle Leader: Limor Hakim
When: Saturday, 11/22
Where: Hollywood Power Yoga Studio
Cost: $10 Suggested Exchange
Circle Type: For Women
Contact:  Email for details + directions.

Oakland, CA

Circle Leader: Marianna Kowalczyk
When: Saturday, 11/22, 5-7 pm
Where: A Private Residence
Cost: $7 Suggested Donation
Circle Type: For Women
Contact:  Email for details + directions.

Fullerton, CA

Circle Leader: Payden Ackerman (WILD MAN)
Time:  TBA
Location: A private studio
Cost: By Donation.
Circle Type: Unisex
Contact: for details + directions.

Wasco, CA

Circle Leader: Maira Rios
Time:  Saturday, November 22 from 6:30-8p
Location: 810 8th St
Cost: $3 Suggested Exchange
Circle Type: For Women
Contact: for details + directions.

Boulder, CO

Circle Leader: Melissa Tamura
When: TBA
Where: Private Residence
Cost: By Donation
Circle Type: For Women
Contact: Email for details + directions.
Note from Melissa: It will be Wild Woman with a Kundalini Twist.

Bridgeport, PA

Circle Leader: Gisette Miguel
When: TBA
Where: Elks lodge #714, 494 ford st, Bridgeport PA 19405
Cost: $10 Suggested Donation
Circle Type: Unisex
Contact me at: for details + directions.

Easton, PA

Circle Leader: Melissa Egan
When: TBA
Where: Private residence in Easton, PA
Cost: Free of charge! Bring a snack to share if you’d like to hang out after the circle.
Circle Type: for Women
Contact me at: Email for details + directions.



North Wales, PA



Circle Leader: Adrienne Baez
Time: Sunday, October 26 4PM – 5:30PM
Location: Whole Body Yoga Studio, 213 N Main St.  North Wales, PA  19454
Suggested Exchange: Donation ($ goes to children on the spectrum towards healing services)
Circle Type: Any and everyone


Great Barrington, MA


Circle Leader: Founder, Chris Maddox

Time: Sunday, December 21st 3-5pm

Location: Sruti Yoga Center in Downtown GB

Suggested Exchange: $15

Circle Type: For Women


North Adams, MA


Circle Leader: Danielle Gismondi
Location: Frog Lotus Yoga
Time: Friday, October 24th at 7:30pm
Suggested Exchange: $10
Circle Type: For Women


Millerton, NY

Circle Leader: Aimee Davis & Julie Kunz
When: Thursday Evening, 11/20
Where: Private Residence in Millerton, NY

Email for Directions:

Cost: $15 Suggested Exchange
Circle Type: For Women

Brooklyn, NYC

Circle Leader:  Meredith Edwards
Time: Monday, October 27th, 6:30pm

New Location this Month:
Awakening NY
607 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY
G to Nassau, L to Bedford

Cost: Suggested Exchange $20
Circle Type:  For Women
Note from Meredith:  Email for details + directions.


Circle Leader: Nikki Scheidt
Date: TBA
Location: a Private Residence
Circle Type: For Women
Cost: Suggested Donation $10
Contact: Email for details + directions.

Houston, TX

Circle Leader: Stacey Ramsower
Time: TBA
Location: Yoga Collective, 3938D N. Shepherd Drive
Cost: By Donation
Circle Type: For Women
Pre-register here.

Circle Leader: Arwen Rhea
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Cost: By Donation
Circle Type: Unisex
Contact: Email me at for details + directions.

Walla, Walla, WA

Circle Leader: Sierra Tinhof
Location: A Private Residence
Time: Friday, 11/21 8pm
Suggested Donation: Free
Circle Type: Unisex
Contact: Email for details + directions.


Perth, Australia

Circle Leader: Brooke Anne

Date: TBA

Location: Private Residence Perth, Western Australia

Circle: For Women

Cost: Free

Contact: for details + directions


(Alphabetically by City)

Calgary, AB

Circle Leader: Mandi Mack
When: Saturday, Nov 22, 5-7pm
Where: Premasai Wholistic Calgary AB, Canada
Circle Type: For Women
Cost: Suggested Donation
Contact: Email , call 403-608-9576, Facebook for details + directions.

Sooke, B.C

Circle Leader: Tammy
Time: TBA
Location: A Private Residence
Circle Type: For Women
Contact: Email for details + directions.


Woodbrook, Trinidad


Circle Leader: Emily Alvarez
Location: Private Residence
When: TBA
Suggested Donation: $60TT
Contact: Email Emily at for details + directions.

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