Current Moon Cycle

October 19th- November 17th 2017

Our Theme is

In Our Skin: Sensing Shell, Sensing Sky

Key Words: Sensuality, Touch, Instinct, Sensory Perception, Intimacy, Boundary, Connection

“Think of your body like a magical garden – always growing and changing, full of color and life.”

~ Christiane Northrup MD

Key Questions

How can I fully awaken the sensing nature of my skin?

How is my body’s skin a mirror of the atmosphere of the Earth?

Tools for In Our Skin. Sensing Shell, Sensing Sky:

Our General Approach to Moon Cycles

Here at TWWP, we view Moon Cycles as chapters in the unfolding story of our lives. Within each chapter there are 4 major movements: New, Waxing, Full, Waning.

We carry a particular theme, a specific focus, each and every cycle. Our themes are inspired by the astrological placement of the New Moon at hand.

The New Moon is considered the beginning. At this sacred beginning we have the opportunity to retreat & go deeply within. This way we can enter the Moon Cycle with intention, depth & clarity. That is what our Circles & New Moon Digital Retreats are for.

In Wild Woman Weeklyish, our free community offering, we offer resources & guidance to continue the exploration of the theme throughout the cycle.

Toward the end of the Moon Cycle we hold a WILD WOMAN SCHOOL session with TWWP Founder Chris Maddox where we explore a topic directly related to the theme of the cycle.

In the Final days of the cycle we send out a Moonthly Digest Reflections via our Social Media Channels (Facebook & Instagram)  to help you do just that – digest all that has unfolded in your life, within and without.

Then, we are primed to begin – again.

About Our "In the Flesh" Series

IN THE FLESH – In the next year, starting this September ’17 & culminating at WILD WOMAN FEST ‘18, we will attempt to experience ourselves from inside, out. Informed by a commitment to be in service to the great family on Earth, we will be focusing on truly inhabiting our own bodies. Instead of constantly asking “how do I look?”, we will ask: How do I feel?

And trust that our interior experiences have a big role to play in healing ourselves and our world.

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