Prayer to the Waters of the World

This New Moon in Pisces is the time to steep ourselves in the art and practice of devotion. Devotion, the highest octave of the heart, is the radiance that pours from our chest connecting us to another.  This action of extending outside is an action of extending...

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3 Life-Giving Ways to End the Moon Cycle

  Dear One, There are exactly 3 days left in this Moon Cycle (Jan. 27th - Feb. 25th). Within the intelligence of the cycle, it is a time for reflection on & honoring of what has emerged for us since the New Moon January 27th. Because the times are calling for...

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5 Ways to Be the Light

This Moon Cycle, which began on June 4th & ends on July 3rd, our theme here at The Wild Woman Project is "Learning from Fairies". Fairies have long inspired our imaginations in myth by bringing magic, wonder, healing & light to those around them. This Cycle,...

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31 Things I Know by Chris Maddox

First my Pre-list, list... I made this list for 3 reasons: 1. I got a phone call today from one of our dear Wild Woman Circle Leaders, Samantha “Sammy” Midler, who left a message that really moved me. She explained that in her family, on the day before someone’s...

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A friend and wildish colleague, Jennifer Haddow (Director of Wild Women Expeditions), recently interviewed me for her Wild Women Magazine (soon to be in print)! In this conversation, we talk about the power of circle, the wild woman archetype, wild woman "wet dreams"...

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Learning to Glow in the Dark {Wild Woman Initiation Series: Lesson 2}

About the Wild Woman Initiation Series           The Wild Woman Project came to me in a flash, a vision & it wouldn’t let me go. So, I listened. The Wild Woman archetype has been initiating me ever since. Through various experiences, which have mostly been about...

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